PRO-Housing- Progressive Professionally Profound

We develop practical solutions that meet the goals of our clients, develop the urban environment and increase the value of the project.

What is PRO-Housing and why is it needed?

PRO-housing is a newly invented high-quality, beautiful, comfortable urban housing. It is much more than an apartment: the space of the courtyard, the architecture of the house, the lobby and the interroom corridors.
Our mission is to make a quality architecture accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have developed our own standard for quality architectural solutions - PRO. It allows the rational use of customer resources, which is obtained by an efficient and aesthetic environment.

The reason for the emergence of PRO-Housing was the Soviet and post-Soviet tradition to create projects of discomfort-class, consisting of:

  • Uncomfortable apartment layouts
    Most of the apartments presented both in the secondary and in the primary residential real estate market continue the tradition of Soviet planning. When the dream of residents of communal apartments about their kitchen was embodied in the standard series of residential houses of the second half of the 1950s.
  • Unreasoned common corridors
    Poorly lit labyrinths of interfacial corridors with engineering “forcedness” that are chaotically scattered on the walls form the feeling of “no one's space”.
  • Yards, where parking instead of a park
    Lack of sidewalks and the need to walk on the motorways. The problem of lack of parking has led to the fact that when leaving the house, people enter the territory of a spontaneous parking, and not into a landscaped yard. Mothers with wheelchairs are forced to drive around on the lawns of cars parked under the house, and the children ride scooters on the roadway of the yard.Residential yard is not a place for cars.
  • Unscaled-man architecture
    Endless walls with a height of 9 to 25 floors are a warehouse of coarsely painted and variously glazed balconies and windows.

The goal of PRO - to make our living environment of high quality, comfortable and beautiful. Setting new design standards and evaluation criteria of architectural solutions.

What is included in PRO

The public space of an urban apartment building should be much larger than the entrance to the residential porch and the corridor with the doors of the apartments - these are all the functions that it is financially unreasonable to place in your apartment: from the co-working area for adults and the children's area, to swimming pool with spa.
In a city where millions of people live, there will always be a shortage of space, so a car that takes up a lot of space is a luxury vehicle! Have you ever seen free luxury rights anywhere? Here's an example: free parking in urban areas, in residential areas and housing estates! The situation in which a motorist does not pay for parking is called “shareware” because instead of a motorist, other citizens pay for their comfort and the inability to move quickly (by increasing the number of cars in the city, which is disproportionately financial in order to create transport infrastructure, and banal parking in the wrong place for pedestrians or other vehicles).
Therefore, parking - part of the urban area occupied by the car, should always be paid, both on the municipal land and in the residential quarter The one who has more money - will buy a place in the parking lot, other one who has less money, will rent a parking space, or pay for the right to place his car on the street or in the residential complex, and those who do not want to spend money on the comfort of a personal vehicle will use a bicycle or public transport. Accordingly, the additional funds received by the city and the management organization of the residential complex will be used to improve the quality of the environment, both in public urban spaces and in semi-private residential areas and microdistricts.
Humans are warm-blooded creatures that generate energy. Human habitation can also be "warm-blooded": to produce more energy than it consumes!
The architecture of housing, along with the solution of all utilitarian issues, from drainage with thermal insulation to the placement of outdoor units of air conditioners, should express the individuality of each house, each quarter, so that residents of this house and this quarter proudly post a selfie against the background of their home, and tourists included walks along residential buildings in their routes.
The open-planted area “sown” by houses remains in the 20th century. The 21st century is reviving as the main urban housing unit - a quarter! However, this is no longer the literal reincarnation of the quarter of the 19th century: there are no dark courtyards of wells and the contrast of the glamor of the street facade and the utilitarian sadness of the yard. This is a new quality of open and semi-open spaces, public and semi-private, creating optimal conditions for both apartments and public functions!
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