Publication Renovation Project of the Destroyed by russians Lyceum No. 2 in Hostomel
Built hastily in the 1980s as part of a military town, Lyceum No. 2 required repairs even before the start of the russian full-scale invasion. Additionally, the space of a standard Soviet school did not meet the requirements of the modern educational process. During the battles for Hostomel, the building suffered new significant damages, including roof destruction. The institution remained in this state throughout the winter. Despite being designed for 400 students, over 500 children were educated here. All of them lost the opportunity to study in their school. More than 70 teachers and other staff members of the institution were left without a workplace. Our project is designed for 1000 children (850 lyceum students and 150 pre-schoolers). The concept includes flexible solutions that will meet the demands of the modern educational process. Specialists in pedagogy, child psychology, and inclusiveness have been involved in the design process. One of the formative ideas is to open a view to the “Mriya” aircraft hangar from both inside the school and the courtyard. The lines of “Mriya” are also incorporated into the facade design. Special attention is paid to recreation areas. In Soviet and post-Soviet schools, they are terrible, and children do not use them. We plan various recreation areas in scale, content, functionality, and comfort. An urban park with sports functions and proper playgrounds for children of different ages is designed outside.
Publication Summer Internship in ARCHIMATIKA
Friends, we are announcing an internship. This is more than a student internship, it will be a deep immersion in architectural practice to understand what design is at the highest level, to understand in which direction you want to develop further. Dates: 07/03/2023 - 08/23/2023 For whom: for 3-5 year students and graduates What awaits you: - practice in the selected department with real tasks - lectures on various directions and stages of design from the best practitioners. - tours of objects with the architects who designed them - a question-and-answer session with the CEO and chief architect of archimatika, Dmytro Vasiliev. - the best students will receive a scholarship for the duration of their internship - certificate of completion of the program Application submission date: until May 15, 2023 Link to the form to fill out and on the website in the vacancies section https://forms.gle/EcT87R4PxChgmWwC8
Publication Residential complex Fayna Town under attack by Russian military
War destroys everything we love, everything we have worked for many years. It leaves deep wounds in our hearts, civilians - our relatives, friends and neighbors - are dying and suffering. The Russian Federation attacked Ukraine on 24 February. Since that time, thousands of human destinies have been destroyed, many have lost their homes. Our project in Kyiv - residential complex Fayna Town was damaged. Our team has been working for many years to create this place for people. It is very painful to watch such senseless attacks that damage ordinary people and civilian infrastructure. We call on the global architectural community to strongly condemn the aggression against the Ukrainian people and to provide assistance to Ukrainians. In these difficult times, each of us is doing everything possible to support our country. We continue to work and create the future of our cities, and develop the image of Ukraine in the world.
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