Each of our new projects takes into account the experience of the previous ones. We accumulate knowledge, collect amazing stories, telling about solutions and difficulties on the way from the idea to the erection of the building. In project stories, we share our insights and solutions.

What is quarter 2.0

A complex of innovative solutions in residential property design: half-open blocks with varying amount of levels in sections, PRO-apartments, 3 km of pedestrian promenade with a bicycle ring and Smart street.

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13 hectares of spacecraft

A retail complex unmatched anywhere in Ukraine, an ambitious and grand-scale project. The floor space (13 hectares) is of the urban planning magnitude, making this complex a small town under one roof.

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How industrial zone turned into a colorful micro district

The first residential complex in Ukraine based on the block development principle. Picturesque building silhouettes, elaborated apartment layouts, and fully pedestrian courtyards became the standard of comfort class in the residential

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Antibody or simplicity manifesto

A manifest of simplicity, a manifest of uniformity. This is not five standard towers repeating each other, but a single composition featuring different-height accents joined by a stylobate.

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A residential complex in which residents are provided with everything necessary right on the spot. Three high-rise apartment buildings stand on a two-story stylobate in the corners of the site in the places offering the best views. The stylobate part of the complex houses all sporting and entertainment establishments and its roof is used as a private courtyard for the complex’s residents.

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Why do architects want to live in this house

Two buildings of the complex located at an angle and form the front of the street, hiding behind them the inner space featuring pedestrian courtyard and a children’s slide. Recognizable shape of this complex is formed by different-story sections with consoles in the most active corners. A polygonal surface of all-glass bay windows creates the unique image of the complex, dynamically changing reflections of the surrounding space and sun rays.

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The success of Slavutych residential complex inspired the property developer to continue developing the site. To ensure that the complex has good insolation, low-rise edifices were placed closer to the street, while high-rise buildings standing farther back inside the site were turned with a certain rhythm.

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A new level of comfort in Lviv's residential real estate. Unconventional solutions for a conservative market have turned a typical bedroom suburb into a prosperous residential area with an actively developing infrastructure.

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Achromatic accent on colorful background

Gymnasium А+ continues the complex of educational institutions at Residential Complex Comfort Town. The school’s building is made in achromatic colours contrasting with the surrounding apartment buildings.

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Parametric facade with active illumination attracts attention. This is the first large object that greets guests of Tbilisi on the way from the international airport. Therefore, it must do the wow effect and be expressive.

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How we created a new trend in business class

This project is the trendsetter in its category: huge lobby space and concierge service have first appeared at Central Park and become a norm for business- and premium-class residential complexes in Ukraine.

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What should be an international school

PSI combines students from 40 countries. This was the starting point for the development of the project concept. The school has large classrooms, transformable spaces of the assembly and sports halls, rooms for drama and extracurricular activities.

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How to attract IT and get Breeam

The first business center in Lviv holding a “green” BREEAM certificate. The building’s aesthetics stem from its energy performance, allowing to reduce energy consumption by almost 40%. The main task was to create a quality, functional environment for demanding IT companies. This way, the city received a large IT Hub offering all conditions for the comfortable development of small and medium-sized businesses.

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