Multifunctional hub Bukovel

Mixed-use development, Polyanytsya village, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Multifunctional hub Bukovel

Multifunctional hub "Bukovel" will become the heart of the main Ukrainian ski resort. The design, which unites interior and exterior, creates a genuine connection with environment and highlights the unique nature of the Carpathian Mountains.

10 340 м2

Square meters





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  • Human
    For people, we create a comfortable center of Bukovel, with conveniently separated pedestrian and car flows. The multifunctional hub includes: hotel, conference service, cinema, restaurants, parking, entertainment and outdoor space.
  • Business
    The complex will become a meeting point for the resort guests, a recreation and entertainment area. It will be used for both day and night time. Thus, it will provide a stream of business opportunities.
  • Urban
    Zigzag shape of the buildings repeat the image of Bukovel with its pitched roofs. The roof design, which seemed to hang in the air, is made of a warm metall golden hue, brings a Hugge atmosphere and forms a comfortable modern outdoor space. The open area under the roof will be a convenient meeting place, because the hub is located on the main pedestrian routes of the resort.


  • Create a new functional and compositional center of Bukovel. To streamline the urban chaos and set a new stage in the resorts development.


  • Properly separate pedestrian and automobile routes. Consider the natural features of the site (seasonal rise of water levels in mountain rivers, preserve existing trees, relief)


  • Analysis and adjustment of car routs.
  • Organization of pedestrian transits on the territory and around it. To create an "active facade".
  • Organization of a covered square at the intersection of pedestrian transits, as the main meet point.

Facts and details:

  • The idea was to design the space for those guests, who come not for active sports. To create space with additional functionality.
  • The building's shape is a rethinking of the classic forms of Bukovel`s pitched roofs houses.
  • The territory divided into 2 parts by a mountain river and connected by a glass “floating bridge”, that goes from the hotel area to the main restaurant.
  • The main square covered by the roof and create a place where coffee, restaurants, and other commercial property can be located.
  • Along the river between the old pines, we designed multi level terraces for coffees and restaurants.
  • The main restaurant has several levels. They can work autonomously during breakfasts for hotel residents, catering for conference hall visitors, and also for other resort visitors.
  • All commercial spaces designed with a flexible planning structure. If necessary, lots can be divided, or combined into one large lot.
  • Both building blocks have their own underground parking.
  • The facade materials carefully selected to fit the project into the existing mountain environment.


Kristina Maliiova, Valeria Sema, Anastasia Kishchenko, Valeria Shaleiko, Dmitry Tantsurov.

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